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Default Open Source Keylogger

I developed a simple local keylogger, called "Rexibit".

Here is the .exe:
Here is its source code (written in Python):

How to use Rexibit?

Step 1: Download Rexibit here:
Step 2: Click on the executable you just downloaded and launch Rexibit on the computer you wanna control
Step 3: The program opens a box, which asks you to enter the email address where you wanna receive the key logs. After every 100 keys logged, you will receive an email with the keys logged.
Step 4: If you wanna stop the program, you need to go to Task Manager and stop it.

Note #1: Rexibit is not able to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase

Note #2: Rexibit is not able to distinguish between {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} and {!,",£,$,%,&,/,(,),=}.

Note #3: Rexibit works only on Windows operating systems.

Rexibit software is open source and you are completely free to copy, modify or even sell it. Anyway, if you like it and find it useful, please consider to make a donation to this address: 18hheTbKzgLXKtEjrdj3Jg6qEWAxbJt8QK

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: A Keylogger is a software which could be used both for legal and illegal purposes. I strongly recommend to use it only for legal purposes (e.g. child protection against online pedophiles). Anyway, I decline ANY responsibility about any bad use you make of Rexibit.
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